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We are Celebrating our One Hundred Fiftieth Year in Cohasset

History of Konohassett Lodge

by Wor. G. Warren Bates on the occasion of the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Lodge in 1965

    In 1865, several Cohasset Brothers, recognizing the beneficent purposes of Masonry, conceived the idea of having a Masonic Lodge in Cohasset, and on May 24, 1865, Brothers Andrew J. Souther, Zaccheus Rich and James H. Bouvé, by invitation of Brother George Beal, Jr., met at his house, and after consultation agreed that they, with such other Brothers as might join, should petition the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge at the Quarterly Communication in June for a Dispensation to congregate as a legal Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons.

    The application was made and the Dispensation was granted by the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge, bearing the date of June 13, 1865, and signed by William Parkman, Grand Master, and attested to by Charles W. Moore, Grand Secretary.



To all Persons to whom these Presents may come.

    GREETING: - WHEREAS,  a petition has been presented to me by sundry Brethren, to wit: A. J. Souther, Zaccheus Rich, James H. Bouvé, George Beal, Jr., Charles A. Gross, M. B. Stetson, Alex T. Prouty, J. O. Cole, Howland Studley, Edward E. Tower, Henry C. Mapes, Henry Merritt, Andrew Poole and Joseph H. Smith, praying to be congregated into a regular Lodge under the name and title of Konohassett Lodge, with permission to hold the same in the town of Cohasset;

    And WHEREAS, said petitioners have been recommended to me as Master Masons in good standing by the Worshipful Master, Wardens and Brethren of Old Colony Lodge, holden in the town of Hingham, and their petition having been countersigned and approved by our District Deputy of the Fifth Masonic District;

    THEREFORE, I, William Parkman, Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, reposing full confidence in the recommendation aforesaid and in Masonic integrity and ability of the petitioners, do, by virtue of the authority of my office, and of ancient Masonic usage, hereby grant this Dispensation, authorizing and empowering our trusty and well-beloved Brethren aforesaid to form and open a Lodge after the manner of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons, and therein to admit and make Freemasons according to the ancient custom and not otherwise. And this dispensation is to continue in full force until the regular Quarterly Communication of our Grand Lodge aforesaid, holden in the city of Boston, in the month of June, A. D. 1866, A. L. 5866, unless sooner revoked by me or by authority of our said Grand Lodge.

    And I do hereby appoint Brother George Beal, Jr., to be the first Master, Brother James H. Bouvé to be first Senior Warden, and Brother Zaccheus Rich to be the first Junior Warden of said Lodge.

    And it shall be the duty of said Master and Wardens and their associates, and they are hereby required, to return this Dispensation, with a correct transcript of all proceedings had under the authority of the same, together with an attested copy of their By-Laws, to our Grand Lodge aforesaid at the expiration of the time herein specified for examination, and such further action in the premises as shall be deemed wise and proper for the advancement of the general interests of the Craft.

    Given under one hand and the seal of our Grand Lodge aforesaid.

(Signed)          WILLIAM PARKMAN,

Grand Master

At Boston this thirteenth day of June, A. D. 1865, A. L. 5865. Attest.

(Signed)        CHAS. W. MOORE,

Grand Secretary