Konohassett Lodge, A.F. & A.M.

Contacts   2017-2018


Worshipful Master  Jordan C. MacNeill  [email protected]

Senior Warden  Carroll R. Anderson  [email protected]

Junior Warden  Nicholas M. Stead [email protected]


Treasurer  Herbert I. Lewis  [email protected]

Assistant Treasurer  John F. Gallagher  [email protected]

Secretary   Nelson C. Pratt, Jr.  [email protected]

Assistant Secretary  Allan L. Somerville  [email protected]

Associate Secretary  John M. MacNeill  [email protected]


Chaplain  John M. MacNeill  [email protected]  

Marshal  Dr. Terence E. Maree  [email protected]

Senior Deacon  Eric P. Rickard  [email protected]

Junior Deacon  Robert W. MacNeill  [email protected]

Senior Steward  Donald F. McCormack  [email protected] 

Junior Steward  Ernest Studley [email protected]

Inside Sentinel  Michael S. M. Bleakie  [email protected]

Tyler   Edwin A. Taylor

Organist   Michael L. Smith  [email protected]

Electrician   William P. Miller  [email protected]

Ritualist   Herbert I. Lewis  [email protected]


Massachusetts Grand Lodge of Masons: http://www.massfreemasonry.org/

Lodge Lead Ambassador  John M. MacNeill  [email protected]

Lodge Ambassador  Jordan C. MacNeill  [email protected]

Web Master  John M. MacNeill   [email protected] 


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